What is Picture Lingo?

Picture Lingo contains specially written audio, rhyming picture books which children listen to and look at every day to pick up language subconsciously.


*Life is like a set of stories or scenarios which children live in every day, and every situation has its own language. For example, at the dinner table, at school, or at their friends house. *We have written special stories in English to immerse children in those scenarios, and children listen to the writer, Clara, reading these stories so that they can pick up the language as if they were in that scenario.


The pictures translate the audio thereby making it understandable/ comprehensible, which is a key for effective language learning. Children hear the sounds of English, and see the meaning in the pictures.

Speed Memorize

Children don’t only need to understand what they hear; they need to memorize it. We help children to do this in a number of ways: 1) Our stories are all rhyming, a bit like nursery rhymes. 2) We have built a ‘Quick Memorize’ function where parents can set a playlist of books to play repeatedly in the background while children are playing, in the car. Through this method children can pick up the rhymes subconsciously.

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What parents testing the app said


My son loved the app. Was great to listen to a native accent every day. He memorised the book 'Trees'

Syed Salman Mahmood (Dubai)


My 6 year old daughter liked to look at the pictures and we used the memorised function to listen to the books a lot

Md Nasim (India)


My 2 daughters love the app and have been recommending to other younger family members. It's a groundbreaking app with so much potential.

Philip Roberts (UK)


My daughter used the app and loved the books and pictures. She started to memorise the book after only listening about 5 times

Mumtaz Islam (Jeddah)

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