What is Picture Lingo?

Picture Lingo is an app to acquire the English language, designed for non-English speaking young children. It is based on a new methodology that we invented after reviewing numerous scientific and linguistic studies. I can't tell you too much yet, but it is built upon the following 3 foundations:


If children are exposed to a native speaker every day, they will acquire language naturally. What's the proof? Their first language. Language acquisition requires a 'quality' model of the language, the best case being a native speaker. How do we provide a native speaker for your children? I can't say too much, but I'll give you a clue. We partly achieve this through using audio containing graded language written especially for little language learners. So, we provide you with the first pillar: 'quality'.


Research has shown that the more exposure to this native speaker the better. This factor is called Quantity and is the 2nd pillar of language acquisition. It's simple, the more a child is exposed to the quality model of the language, the stronger and quicker their language neural pathways will built. We have provided a quality model, but how much a child uses the app, and therefore their language acquisition, depends upon the parent. We have aided this by making the app fun. Of course, you can't force your kids to do something that is boring :-)

Critical Period

Research has shown that language acquisition to a native level can most likely be achieved if children are exposed to the target language before the age of 7, and definitely before the age of 14. Get them started young!

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What parents testing the app said


My son loved the app. Was great to listen to a native accent every day. He memorised the book 'Trees'

Syed Salman Mahmood (Dubai)


My 6 year old daughter liked to look at the pictures and we used the memorised function to listen to the books a lot

Md Nasim (India)


My 2 daughters love the app and have been recommending to other younger family members. It's a groundbreaking app with so much potential.

Philip Roberts (UK)


My daughter used the app and loved the books and pictures. She started to memorise the book after only listening about 5 times

Mumtaz Islam (Jeddah)

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